We are Mike & Amanda Shuker – The owners of Kokomo’s Kove and the Managers of The Malibu Resort Motel. If you know who we are you already know this but for those of you who have not yet had the chance to come meet us; we are all about giving back to our community & helping out when & where we can. We are strong believers & supporters of paying it forward, helping those in need when life circumstances happen and supporting local & some larger organizations such as St. Jude, etc…

With the holiday months coming upon us we are preparing to start doing monthly benefits on Sunday’s here at Kokomo’s Kove Diner. 

Please if you or your family has a local charity that your fond of and that would benefit from this let us know! 

Here is a list of some that we are planning already ❤️

50 Legs
Local Food Pantry
Toys For Tots
St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Local homeless shelter
Animal Rescue
Hurricane Relief

If you know of a local cancer organization please inform us this is another one we are fond of to support.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be an organization it could be someone you know that NEEDS help financially due to an illness, Hurricane, a devastation of such….

We Thank you for taking the time to read & share with others. Our hearts filled with love and respect for all.

God Bless ❤️

Mike & Amanda Shuker